Yo, I’m LJ!

As a sales rep at a tech company, I work with people who build and manage websites. With that being said I feel like I should be able to make websites or at least know what is going on when it comes to building one. That is my inspiration when it comes to my personal website/blog.

I started this blog as something for me to do with my free time and another way to try something new. I love new challenges and making a website and maintaining a blog is something I’ve never done, but it seems like something that would be fun so here I am.

Now when it comes to life, sales, sports, and tech that is what you can expect to read about on the blog. Outside of the blog, you can catch other content via my Youtube channel.



On The Blog

NBA 2021-22 Predictions

NBA 2021-22 Predictions

Every year I text a few friends and we discuss our predictions for upcoming NBA season. This is my favorite time of...